Monday, February 22, 2010

Sigma launches the Sigma SD15 DSLR - again

You got to give it to the guys at Sigma for their dogged determination in the face of improbable success. Many moons ago when Sigma first launched their film SLR, I figured it was going to be over pretty soon given the dominance of Canon, Nikon and Minolta. When they launched their first DSLR in the form of the SD9 in 2002, I thought it was pretty interesting with the Foveon sensor. Eight years later with little sales to show for, I’m damn surprised that they’re persisting with this business and launching this new Sigma SD15 DSLR.

It’s been a year ago when Sigma announced the 14-megapixel SD15, and looking at the specs of a 3” (460k) LCD screen and 3-fps rate, it’s difficult to be excited about this new offering. Even the ISO range of 100-1600 seems absolutely archaic in the face of the tremendous strides made by Canon and Nikon. The Foveon X3 sensor might seem promising, but it’s going to take a lot more to deliver a complete package that DSLR customers are looking for today.

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