Friday, February 12, 2010

And the Oscar goes to.... Pentax!

As mentioned in my previous post, I think Pentax is full of crazy ideas (think colourful DSLRs and launching a digital medium format camera). I'm not sure I can agree with their off-tangent thinking, but they sure caught me off-guard with this one. You see - Pentax launched the K-7 DSLR last year boasting HD movie recording, but everyone's eyes were on Canon's 5D Mk II and Vincent Laforet's movies.

So Pentax said enough is enough, and they commissioned filmmaker Jamin Winans and Futuristic Films to shoot a movie with the K-7 DSLR and Pentax lenses. While the quality of the HD movie is good, I'm more impressed by the crazy script and the great execution of a wild idea. Seriously, anyone who has worked in a corporation would be impressed with the guts of the executive who approved this movie. Drugs, gun battle, wild car chases... not the typical kind of stuff a Japanese company would normally endorse.

Check out this movie made by the Pentax K-7... a lovely combination of wild ideas, great imagination and fantastic dose of fuzzy love!

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