Friday, February 12, 2010

1-in-8 million photo essay by New York Times

New York is a large metropolis consisting of 8 million inhabitants. Most of the people you meet in a city are faceless individuals whom you recognize only as a fellow human living in the same area. But yet, everyone has a story to tell, regardless of the role they play in their daily lives.

The New York Times has a very interesting photo gallery showcasing the life and story behind the common people. Aptly named “One in Eight Million”, photojournalists photograph and interview New Yorkers who are socially insignificant, and yet these are the people whom make up New York city. Each segment is a short video clip showcasing the daily lives of each individual, accompanied by the narratives of those being interviewed. I love the insights gleaned from the videos – on the subject’s occupation and their take on life. The photography and editing of the video is amazing too!

(Hint: click on the Series Index on the top left of the window to see more interviews)

Photo credit: Griszka Niewiadomski

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