Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cool by the pool - new Sony Cybershot TX5

Think Lara Croft - sexy and adventurous. That's what the new Sony Cybershot TX5 is about.

Sony has just launched the new Cybershot TX5 - the compact waterproof camera that will have you looking very cool by the pool. Unlike many waterproof camera, the Sony TX5 does not have the typical "I'm waterproof! Just look at my bulky design!", but rather it maintains the sleek outline of the Cybershot series. You can't tell from the design that it is actually waterproof, since it's measures just 17.7mm slim.

Available in five stunning colours (black, silver, pink, green, red), the Sony TX5 is designed for the pool rather than scuba diving. Unlike the other tougher underwater cameras rated for deeper waters, the TX5 is rated for 3m water resistance, making it more suitable for your swimming pool jaunts only. Of course, Sony claims its shockproof and dust proof as well, so you can bring it for your light adventures without looking too gungho.

Tech wise - the Sony Cybershot TX5 is pretty impressive with 10 megapixel sensor and a Carl Zeiss 4x optical zoom lens with 25mm wide-angle capability. Incredibly, the TX5 features a touch-screen LCD screen, a surprising inclusion for a get-tough compact digital camera. You can even shoot your own Indiana Jones/Lara Croft adventure movie with the HD movie recording capabilities as well!

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