Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plan your studio set-up on your iPhone

Janis Lanka and Isa Goksu have released Strobox, a (free) app for the iPhone. You can create lighting diagrams directly on your precious (iPhone, that is). There are more than 25 lighting equipment including backdrops, strobes, softboxes, umbrellas, hairlights and diffusion panels. You can simply drag, position and rotate the equipment to tweak your set-up. The software even generates PNG files that you can share via email.

My main gripe is that the canvas size is too small for more lights for a more complex set-up, limited layout space doesn’t allow you to place more subjects (two is getting crowded). And those whom I showed Strobox to wondered if the app can show the effect of the lighting once the equipment is “finalized”. C’mon guys… it’s a free app! We can expect that in the paid version perhaps?


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