Sunday, January 17, 2010

How many lights were used in this photo?

I’m sure many of us envy the photographer with a ton of gear (and many assistants) at his disposal. But more important than equipment is a sense of imagination. Being imaginative lets us think creatively to achieve great images with what we have, instead of being restricted by our gear.

The photographer Zack Arias was tasked with taking a photo of a group of photographers, and as luck would have it the group included famous strobists such as Joe McNally, David Hobby (Strobist blog) and Chase Jarvis. I think most of us would dig a hole and dive in when given a task to shoot a group who are THE experts in on-site location lighting and photography.

Read on to see how Zack created this stunning shot with a little gear and a lot of imagination. (Editor’s note: see how the shot works because there’s an individual standing in the back with a wooden background. The photo wouldn’t have worked half as well if the person wasn’t there to balance the composition.)

Check out how Zack Arias did it at

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