Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to fold a large reflector

Just about two weeks ago, I bought a huge reflector that measured 2m by 1.5m. I have no problems folding standard sized reflectors, but this is so large that I couldn’t fold it back into the case! I wasn’t amused when I failed to fold to back after struggling for 20 minutes in the car park (the onlookers were having a nice time seeing a grown man fighting with a panel of fabric), before I gave up and stuffed the half-folded reflector into my car.

Once I reached home, I searched for “how to fold a giant reflector” in YouTube. Within minutes, I had the answer and folded the reflector back into the case (it's easy when you know the right technique). Brilliant! So here’re a couple of the videos that I want to share with you readers…

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