Monday, August 9, 2010

Is photography weighing you down?

Unlike sports like tennis and even cycling, where equipment have gotten lighter through the years with technological advances, photography seems to have gone the other way round. Compare the camera and lenses of yesteryear, today's gear seems absolutely humongous and outright unwieldy! If you are a car enthusiast, you'd know that an average car today weighs around 1.3 tonnes, compared to under 1 tonne just twenty years ago.

And since manufacturers seems adamant in packing in more weight, it's a good time to watch your back - literally. For serious photography enthusiasts, it's not uncommon to be lugging around bags weighing more than 5kg (11 lbs), which is akin to carrying a big bag of rice around! So what can you do to avoid contributing your hard-earned cash to the chiropractor?

Check out this latest article I wrote - "Is photography weighing you down?" about managing your equipment and gear out in the field. It's important not to mess with your spine - back-related injuries can last a lifetime!

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