Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photographers and Apple iPad - perfect partership

With the Apple iPad shipping worldwide, many photographers are scrambling to get their hands so that they can share their portfolio of works with everyone on the gorgeous 10" screen. But there's more to using the iPad as an electronic portfolio, as Jesse Rosten discovered. Did you know that you can shoot and transfer your files wirelessly to the iPad?

All it takes is an Apple iPad (obviously), a DSLR, an Eye-Fi card and an app called ShutterSnitch (US$8). Jesse Rosten shares the exact method on how to set-up your DSLR to transfer your photos wirelessly to your iPad as you shoot. It's great for viewing your photos on a huge screen compared to squinting at a small LCD behind the camera. And it's especially good if you're a commercial photographer who needs to show the client (and art director) as the shoot goes on, without having them stand behind you to check the shots.

The above is a video clip by Jesse Rosten showing how the wireless setup works. For the details on setting up the wireless transmission of images, visit his website at http://jesserosten.com/2010/wireless-tethering-to-ipad

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