Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Eat your seafood, or else...

These burly fishermen will punch out your lights out. But seriously, most of us see our seafood as well... seafood! We assume that the fishermen caught them sailing in the nice seas, with machines hauling up the nets and all they have to do is sail the boat into the right waters, right?

Well... it happens that the right waters for some of the seafood happens to be really cold, frigid and stormy! Did you know fishing for Alaskan King Crabs for example, ranks as the most dangerous job in the USA (Wikipedia reckons that one crab fisherman dies weekly during the harvesting season)?

I came across the works of Corey Arnold, who did a really nice job of documenting life on board a fishing boat. The journalistic value of the photos is high, and you almost feel like you've been on the boat during the fishing trip. The icy conditions and the camaraderie among the fishermen were plainly brought across in the photos. And yes, these guys sure have a great sense of humor too!

Check out his works in "Fish-Work Bering Seas" section of his portfolio at now.

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