Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sneak peak at Photoshop CS5 new features

For a digital photographer, having good Adobe Photoshop knowledge is an essential skill set to improving the images post-exposure. And nothing even comes close to Adobe when it comes to digital imaging software, with incredible tools on hand to tackle every conceivable problem. And talking about "conceivable problem", you've got to give it to the Adobe guys to think of "every conceivable problem", because they seem to be able to conjure up new tools when you think that the current version of Photoshop is as powerful as it can get!

So with Adobe Photoshop CS5 launching round the corner on 12th April (that's next Monday), what can we expect from Adobe this time around. Well, Adobe has been teasing photographers with sneak previews of some new features, and they look pretty neat. I'll definitely look forward to the Content-Aware Fill as a key motivation for upgrade, seeing how much time it'll save me from cloning (watch the video - this new technology makes the Healing Brush look so yesterday!).

The Puppet Warp tool (strange name eh?) also looks fascinating, and you'd might think it's a trivial tool by watching the first half of the video. But keep on watching, and you'd start to realize the potential of the Puppet Warp tool for photographers and designers alike.

P.S: My friend just notified me of a spoof on the Content-Aware Fill feature. It's pretty hilarious, but not related to photography so I'm not putting up a direct link. If you're open for a good laugh, check out

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