Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mamiya launches fastest medium format DSLR

Mamiya has just launched the Mamiya DM40 – basically the world’s fastest large-sensor digital medium-format camera. With a resolution of 40MP and 0.8 seconds per frame (up to 60 frames per minute!), the Mamiya DM40 is perfect for fast medium format digital shooters. For photographers more accustomed to 35mm DSLRs, 40 megapixel seems astounding and 0.8 second per frames sound incredible slow. But coming from the world of medium format cameras, this is blazing fast.

So if you’re a fashion photographer, the Mamiya DM40 is the perfect camera for you then. Make sure you equip your photo studio with the excellent Profoto 8A to ensure that your studio flash can keep up with your camera!

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