Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extreme dedication to wildlife photography

Think you're dedicated to capturing the best photos possible? Think again!

Wildlife photographer Greg du Toit wanted so badly to capture the perfect photo of wild lions drinking from a watering hole, that he submerged himself into the water to get into the right position. Nothing amazing about that you say, until you discover that Greg did that for three entire months before he nailed the amazing images of the pride wild lions lapping up to quench their thirst, eyeballing the strange dude in their drinking water!

Image copyright of Greg du Toit

In his effort to capture the images from a unique vantage point, the 32-year old photographer spent 270 hours in the murky water. As a result, he contracted a host of deadly tropical diseases including malaria, Bilharzia as well as a variety of parasites living off his body.

Read more about Greg du Toit's amazing images here, or view the video interview here.

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