Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pentax has launched a new mirrorless interchangeable lens camera - the Pentax K-01 (pronounced "kay-zero-one"). It utilizes contrast detection because of the absence of a mirror, which will probably be detrimental for its focusing speed. However, unlike most EVIL (electronic viewfinder interchangeable lens) cameras, the 16MP K-01 is nearly as thick as the flagship Pentax K5. Which begs the question - why design an EVIL camera when you cannot capitalize on its key advantage, i.e a compact size? With an APS-C sensor, the Sony NEX cameras are much more compact, even though the Pentax can accept the range of Pentax K-mount lenses. The K-01 is the work of famed designer Marc Newson (whom I'm a fan of), but the design of this Pentax just leaves me in the cold with its odd blend of design cues.

Sorry Pentax - I love your K5 and K7, and I think your Q is something special and unique. But the K-01 looks like the work of some bad boardroom decisions.

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