Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Year Resolution

Well we've come to the end of the year again, and every new year brings forth new hopes and aspirations. If you feel that you've not done much this year, do not despair... just make sure that you plan well for the following year!

Many times, we may feel bored with photography and start to entertain the idea of buying more equipment to satisfy our insatiable craving for the terrible gear acquisition syndrome (GAS). Instead, why not direct your energy and budget towards books and education? Reading the right books can help advance your techniques and abilities much further than getting another (often unnecessary) piece of equipment.

And of course, the new year brings with it the opportunity to set new goals for yourself. I feel it's a great idea to set a monthly target for the new year, so every month you can look forward to learning or trying out new things in photography. For me, the goal could look like this...

January - Learn Adobe Lightroom
February - Try outdoor fill flash in daylight
March - Shoot portraits of people around me
April - Try time lapse photography
May - Learn how to isolate hair from background in Photoshop
June - Check out color management
July - Do up a photo essay on a favourite topic
August - Explore light painting techniques
September - Shoot with medium format film
October - Shoot studio still life
November - Experiment with photo compositing
December -  Consolidate works for the year into iPad portfolio

The goals could be simple, or perhaps stretch across a few months if its complex, but you set your own pace and interests. Print out a copy and stick it on your wall! And while you may not hit all the targets, it provides a structure and starting place to get you motivated to try something new every month. At the end of the year, you can look back and have a nice little portfolio to chart your improvement through the year.

Get started on your new year photographic resolution today, and feel free to share yours here!

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