Friday, October 22, 2010

When technology meets tradition

You knew it had to happen. Steve Jobs said the iPhone 4 was akin to the Leica cameras when it came to quality, so it was only a matter of time before someone creates a marriage between the two icons.

Suguru Nishioka created a case for the iPhone 4 that resembles a Leica IIIf camera, by printing a realistic computer illustration on the case. Now this really takes the coolness quota up to the stratospheric level - I mean, Leica and Apple products are cool by themselves... so the fusion of the two products must be mind-blowing!

iIIIf iPhone 4 case


1932 II looking at iIIIf thinking "WTF??" ;)

All photos by Suguru Nishioka

You can order the iPhone 4 cases from, but do note that stocks are selling out really quickly and there's already a back order, so act quickly if you want to step up on your coolness quotient!

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